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Artist portrait of IRXN

As much as the traditional Bavarian word IRXN means ultimate power, the five idiosyncratic musicians are passionate in their expression. IRXN digs deep in history and regions to find their roots. Thus Celtic, Medieval, East European, traditional Bavarian and own tunes meet lyrics with substance, irony, joy and humour. Stories and thoughts from ancient and modern times which are mostly written by Berni Maisberger in an enthralling Bavarian idiom. The way the lyrics comes together with the variable arrangements of the band, it is not a must to understand the words - remaining is a deep impression and a poetry which creates open room for own interpretation. IRXN surprises also with fervent instrumental tunes that bring back long forgotten times and really invite to shake a leg. The impulsive and stable beats of the rhythm group around drummer Markus Traurig, guitarist Reinhold Alsheimer and bassist / tubist Peter Gschwandtner are building an ideal base for the dreamy melodies and fantastic solos of violinist Trixi Weiss. Let’s describe the typical IRXN sound as “Celtic-Bavarian Folkrock”. The details are highlighting even more: Astonishing experience from folkrock through medieval to punk and classic.


Albums of IRXN

1. Irgendwo und Irgendwann by IRXN Irgendwo und Irgendwann (CD-No.: 307.0173.2)

2. Saltatio Ignis by IRXN Saltatio Ignis (CD-No.: 307.0092.2)

3. EwigUns by IRXN EwigUns (CD-No.: 307.0078.2)

4. Münchenlied by IRXN Münchenlied (CD-No.: 307.0065.3)

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5. Vogelfrei by IRXN Vogelfrei (CD-No.: 307.0065.2)

6. Löwenblut by IRXN Löwenblut (CD-No.: 307.0044.3)

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7. Wolfspfad by IRXN Wolfspfad (CD-No.: 307.0044.2)

IRXN - Live in concert

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Irgendwo und Irgendwann

Hilgerhof, 83132 Pittenhart
Stroblwirt, 82386 Oberhausen (bei Weilheim)
Jakobmayer, 84405 Dorfen
Alter Wirt, 85296 Rohrbach
Knoxoleum, 84489 Burghausen
Lucys Sportsbar, 82216 Gernlinden
Hofbräukeller, 81667 München
Deocar Markt, 91567 Herrieden
Bavaria Vista Club Festival, 82541 Holzhausen am Starnberger See
Paradiesvogelfest, 98646 Hildburghausen
Kulturbaustelle, 98527 Suhl
Lamboyfest, 63450 Hanau
83410 Laufen
Bavaria Vista Club Open Air mit Sonnenwendfeuer, 83629 Weyarn
Open Air am Hochstrasser See, 83101 Rohrdorf
Craftbräu, 86911 Dießen
80802 München
Neue Welt, 85049 Ingolstadt
Mundart-Festival, 85405 Nandlstadt
Kleinkunstbühne Zum fröhlichen Nix, 89143 Blaubeuren

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