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New instrumental album by Marcator New instrumental album by Marcator
INMORTAL is an instrumental guitar album by Marcator with relaxed and partly meditative grooves..... Read on
Music for the ZDF Thriller Music for the ZDF Thriller
The composer Richard Ruzicka was already asked at a very early stage for the movie "Ein verhängnisvoller Plan", which made it possible for him to work on musical sketches already during the shooting.... Read on
New single by Gnadenkapelle New single by Gnadenkapelle
This is definitely the most beautiful number from the "Gnadenkapelle" in a long time. Contrary to expectation without any sarcastic... Read on
New sounds from Bavaria New sounds from Bavaria
Third part of the successful "new" Heimat-Sound-Sampler "Bavaria Vista Club". Read on

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Nadine Maria Schmidt 01099 Dresden, Blue Note
Franziska Wanninger 84048 Mainburg, LSK Theatersaal
Garden Gang 86720 Nördlingen, Fladen-Piraten
Franziska Wanninger 73479 Ellwangen, Atelier Kurz
Zwoastoa 85354 Freising, Lindenkeller
Oansno 86609 Donauwörth, Doubles Starclub

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LustfingeR: "Es gibt nichts zu bereuen"

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