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Artist portrait of Bluevoizz

Portrait of Bluevoizz

The beginning was rather matter-of-fact. Joerg Mueller was hired by Isabella Kaiser to prepare her for the entrance examination at the Linz Jazz University in Austria. After working together for three months with a successful outcome at the end, it was clear things had only just begun. That is how a wonderful, musically stimulating friendship started. The initial rehearsals were used to arrange selected favourites according to their own tastes. Owing to the fact that significant amounts of time passed in between concerts during Isabella Kaiser’s time at university, it occasionally happened that they forgot the musical order of a song. Thus the transition toward an increasingly freer way of making music was rather natural. According to the motto “Each show is the first show” both musicians enjoy their musical encounters and the unpredictable course of a concert. They do not take themselves too seriously and are capable of playing their parts perfectly at the same time. It doesn’t matter, however, WHICH songs are performed, but HOW they are interpreted. The different kinds of bars and notes vary. Each concert is a reflection of the day it was played. An individual sound image is created in front of the audience’s ears. A “sound key”.

Albums of Bluevoizz

1. The Sunny Side by Bluevoizz The Sunny Side (CD-No.: 398.6848.2)
by Bluevoizz

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